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Slate for building

The applications of slate cover practically all products for construction both for exterior and interior:
- Tiles and slabs for floors, facades, sills, sills, kitchen and bathroom tops, table tops and washbasins, etc.
Slate tiles, applied alone or combined with other materials, provide a very attractive environment. It stands out the anti-slip property of the cleaved surface.

Tiles and Plates:
- Interior / exterior walls
- Interior and exterior flooring
- Skylights, Shoulders and Paddles
- Blankets for steps, mirrors and footers
- Sills
- Fireplace fronts

Roof coverings:
Used on roofs and facades since the Middle Ages, slabs (slate tiles) guarantee optimum insulation results. In fact, the history of architecture counts on numerous examples of buildings covered with slate, whose conservation over the years attests the qualities of this product.

- For kitchen and W.C.
- For tables and washbasins

Billiard tables
The slate is indispensable for the billiards, because under the "green cloth" is a carefully crafted slate stone.
ELV produces stones for billiards of all sizes, having a know-how of dozens of years.
The production is mechanized and the finishes are made with high precision.

Slate gravel
Slate gravel is obtained from natural slate crushed and classified.
The result is a slate gravel in any desired size and in a vane type format.
The main applications are for decoration, covering of gardens and terraces and also for purposes of diminishing the visual impact of the landscape.

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