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Empresa de Lousas de Valongo


Natural stone, a product of distinct application, has always been connoted with characteristics of uniqueness, durability and strength.

Slate has added qualities in all applications because it is, among all natural stones, the one which presents the best flexural strength (essential when it is not fully supported) and resistance to acids, giving it an exceptional stability and durability. Our slate has very good performance and we can enhance the following characteristics:



In addition to its performance characteristics, natural slate has an intrinsic roughness that confers a natural and peculiar expression to where it is applied, establishing a link between art and architectural nature that lasts for decades.



Currently, the life cycle of many products is extremely short, turning them into expensive products with strong environmental impact. Slate has an extensive life cycle almost unmatched being therefore very sustainable. It is common to find applications with more than 150 years. The relationship between the purchase price and the lifetime makes slate extremely competitive.



Aesthetically, slate matches with all types of materials, like other natural stones, wood, metal, etc. Also matches any style desired, in a modern or in a traditional architectural line.



Our slate meets all technical requirements. All the products have CE marking for construction and we provide technical data. Generally, our slate products are presented with two types of surface texture: natural cleft or honed, giving two distinct aspects though both with a unique beauty. The roughness of the cleft finish provides an anti-slip property, ideal for flooring.



Geologically, the slate we are exploring is from the region of the Valongo anticline, on a bed belonging to the Ordovician period with 450 million years. At that time, clay sediments were deposited in a marine environment that results in the existing extraction.Slate is a metamorphic rock with low grade metamorphism of very fine particle size, with cleavage and mineral constituents invisible to naked eye. The mineralogical components are essentially chlorite and quartz family of minerals and micas such as muscovite and sericite. Valongo slate (registered name in EN12440) has gray-blue to dark-gray color. It is homogeneous, compact, and finely granular.




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