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Empresa de Lousas de Valongo



The slate is taken from the quarry in big blocks around 16 tons. wich, after being carefully inspected, are selected and conducted to the processing plant.

Processing plant:

This is where the transformation takes place, processing the bloc in finished or semi-finished products such as slabs, tiles, stairs and mirrors, sills, roofing slates, window sills and stone for billiards.

Subsequently, all these products are packed in wooden crates properly suitable for transportation.

The plant processes a high range of products, where the accuracy, quality and natural beauty are the key attributes highlighted. The transformation has production lines of tiles and slabs, with machinery specifically designed to calibrate thickness and a production line for high quality billiards. Currently, most manufacturing concerns the production of slabs and tiles cleaved, sawed, polished.

The current production capacity is 200.000m2/ano, 90% for export all over the world.

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