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Empresa de Lousas de Valongo


The Empresa das Lousas de Valongo, S.A. was founded in 1865 to supply England and the United States with slate for roofs, floors, cladding and stones for billiard tables.

The company extracts gray-blue slate (EN 12440) from its own quarries and takes care of the entire manufacturing process from extraction to the final product.

Nowadays, the Company produces tiles for flooring and wall covering, sills, cover steps, baseboards, kitchen and bathroom tops, roof tiles with a natural, sawn, bush hammered or honed finishing.  It has also a department totally dedicated to the manufacture of stones for billiard tables.

The extraction is fully mechanized and the transformation processes a high range of products in which the quality and the natural beauty are the main attributes. All the products have CE marks.

The main markets are Germany, England, Denmark, Spain, France, U.S.A., and Japan.

The company owns more than 100 ha in the slate region of Valongo, having large reserves of raw material. The production capacity exceeds 200,000m2 / year.

Valongo Slate is also known by the following denominations:


  • Lousa Valongo

  • Porto Slate ou Valongo Slate

  • Bluish Slate ou Grey to Bluish Slate

  • Porto Schiefer ou Valongo Schiefer

  • Ardoise de Porto ou Ardoise de Valongo

  • Pizarra de Porto ou Pizarra de Valongo





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